Sunrise Smarthome provides easy-to-use, state-of-the-art technology for every room in your house. From lighting and temperature controls to media streaming devices and home theaters – Sunrise Smarthome outfits you from cellar to rooftop with custom-designed home automation befitting your Hamptons home. Sunrise Smarthome will help you navigate the rapidly-evolving new world of home technology, from Alexas  and Apple TVs to Z-Wave sensors, and we'll be there for you to make sure everything keeps working the way it's supposed to. 


Design and Installation


Sunrise Smarthome's design team understands the need for no-compromise aesthetics,  and can customize your living space to seamlessly integrate the latest home technology with high-end design. Home automation needs to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around, so whether you are preserving an 18th Century Village gem or building a modern dream home on the beach, we'll find the perfect solution for your needs. Starting from ground-up new home builds, to renovations or just a technology refresh, Sunrise Smarthome provides the full range of services to make your home perceptive, responsive and autonomous. 


Service and Support

Sunrise Smarthome offers personalized home customization using highly-trained, local designers and technicians. Following a home installation, Sunrise Smarthome walks you through all the ins and outs of your new setup and thereafter remains on-call for any technical issues that may arise in the future. Most our solutions can be managed from the cloud so we can often fix problems remotely, but when the need arises, we'll be at your front door as soon as you need us. At Sunrise Smarthome, one of the reasons we can stand behind our products and services is because we use them ourselves, and only offer products that offer an excellent customer experience.



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Streaming Audio

At Sunrise Smarthome, we believe distributed audio is the best way to enjoy music in every room of the house. We use innovative design to build out unobtrusive, hidden sound systems that provide maximum audio throughout your home. Invisible speakers, in-ceiling WiFi and in-wall speakers and sound bars are utilized to combine high design with superior sound quality -- a perfect marriage of form and function.

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Home Cinema

Sunrise Smarthome installs complete home cinemas -- from large-screen 4K TVs with surround sound speakers, to full blown dedicated movie theaters with projector and retractible screens. Sunrise Smarthome provides professional hardware installation and configuration of media streaming devices, creating convenience and ease while encouraging consumers to “cut the chord” and rid their homes of unseemly cable boxes and wires.

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Wi-Fi & Networking

Improve the internet speed and connectivity throughout your home and you increase productivity. It’s that simple. With Sunrise Smarthome, we can configure media streaming devices and other electronics to work together to do what they’re made to do. Your Nest thermostat can be controlled from your city apartment. This is life made simple.

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Smart homes make everything easier -- allowing you more time to enjoy your life. Smart homes are energy efficient -- providing low operating costs and can even safeguard against emergencies. Whether you're on vacation or down the street, the smart home keeps you in touch with what's going on.

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