Who We Are

Sunrise Smarthome opened its doors to the public in July 2017 on Main Street in Bridgehampton. Sunrise Smarthome was founded by Carter Burden III, a veteran entrepreneur who previously founded Logicworks in 1993 and co-founded Breaking Media in 2006. Logicworks provides managed services for Amazon Web Services and was recognized by Gartner Research as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services Providers. Logicworks counts among its clients Thomson Reuters, Evercore, Janus Capital, Bessemer, and Time Inc. Burden served as CEO of Logicworks from its founding in 1993 until 2011, and continues to serve on the company's Board of Directors. 

Burden co-founded Breaking Media with Justin Smith, currently CEO of Bloomberg Media, in 2006. Breaking Media publishes the websites Dealbreaker, Fashionista, Above the Law, Breaking Defense and MedCity News. Burden currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the company. 

Burden was inspired to start Sunrise Smarthome by a number of converging factors in the home technology industry.

"The people I knew who'd spent a lot of money on the big closed systems of yesteryear, like Crestron, were invariably unhappy," said Burden. "They were finding it impossible to integrate new products into their media rooms. Putting all the equipment in the media closet no longer worked without making some sacrifices (like voice search on Apple TV), and 4K was totally out of the question without extensive rewiring."

At the same time, Burden observed, new products were hitting the market at a faster and faster pace.

"I'd heard stories about colleagues asking their HVAC company to install a Nest Thermostat, and their reaction was 'what is Nest?' This was a couple years after Google bought the company for $3.2 billion," says Burden. "Not to mention integrating Amazon Alexa, which was completely out of reach for the traditional market. Who do you go to when you're faced with those challenges? We wanted to be the company you go to for those sorts of cross-disciplinary challenges."

Joining Burden on the management team are Moses Burdon, who oversees design and installation, and Showroom Manager Stephen Swiderski. Burdon has broad experience in a variety of disciplines, from drone flying to vinyl cutting to sushi preparation, and has been known to break out a soldering iron with barely any provocation. Swiderski, prior to Sunrise Smarthome, locally pursued a career in Hospitality for seven years. Swiderski has always loved being around computers, and so his transition to Sunrise Smarthome was in some ways destined. Burden, Burdon and Swiderski are joined by an ever-growing team of dedicated and experienced installers and support technicians. 

Our Philosophy

Sunrise Smarthome is committed to providing home technology solutions that are easy-to-use, fun, future-proof, and uncompromising from an aesthetic standpoint. We believe that technology in the home should be invisible, but always accessible. We are committed to providing the best solution for a problem, period, not just the products we're dealers for and typically not the most expensive solution either. We include one year's support for all installations partly because we focus on solutions that don't require a lot of support, nor do we want to turn our customers' frustrations into a profit-center. 

Most of all, we take pride in delighting our customers. There is a brave new world of home technology coming and in many ways already here, and we are excited to put those new technologies in their reach. 


Careers at Sunrise Smarthome

If you're interested in joining the team at Sunrise Smarthome, please fill out the form here, or email us at careers@sunrisesmarthome.