Excellent Wi-Fi everywhere in your home is the foundation of a reliable and responsive smarthome. Here's the good news: from the 19th-Century farmhouse to the contemporary concrete and glass beach house, enterprise-grade wireless performance is now within reach to every homeowner.  

Mesh Wi-Fi


Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead spots with mesh networking from Google Wifi. Mesh networking means that all your access points, spread throughout the home, operate in concert, keeping you connected to the access point with the best signal, and then using the best available path (wired or wireless) to route you to the Internet. Google Wifi uses the latest-and-greatest Wi-Fi protocol, 802.11ac Wave 2, for up to 2.4GBs throughout. Running all your streaming media devices over Wi-Fi simultaneously suddenly becomes feasible with the right Wi-Fi infrastructure. Google Wifi also includes parental control features, allowing you to easily block a child's iPad when it's time for dinner. 

Come see Google Wifi in action at our showroom.  


Routers & Switches

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With decades of combined experience in networking, the team at Sunrise Smarthome can address any challenge you have. From dedicated VPN connectivity to the office and multi-link automatic failover for Internet uplink to active managed intrusion detection, we can provide the rock-solid wired infrastructure for any home.  


Structured Cabling

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Sunrise Smarthome provides a full range of wiring solutions for data and video distribution as well as HVAC, lighting and shade controls. Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, updated wiring is as essential an investment in your home's infrastructure as  electrical or heating and cooling systems.